Commercial and Technology Partner James Teare discusses the common pitfalls tech companies fall into when it comes to fund raising and selling the business.


CEO Karen Bexley discusses Bexley Beaumont’s new values and what they mean to the firm as Bexley Beaumont enters its fifth year.


Environmental Partner Emma Tattersdill discusses site visits from the Environment Agency and the potential repercussions if permits are found to be breached.

Private Client Partner James Winfield looks at the somewhat forgotten tax of Capital gains tax (CGT), as it often gets overshadowed by all the hype around Inheritance Tax (IHT). Here’s some helpful pointers that shed some light on what it could mean to you.
Commercial Partner Ian Thomson continues his “Keeping It Real” blog series with an update on why written contracts are fundamental to a functioning business.
Corporate and Commercial Disputes Partner Melissa Worth continues her weekly updates on litigation. This time focusing on claiming interest when making a claim.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, Private Client Partner Eleri Jones discusses marriage, tax and how it may help you financially.


The phrase “without prejudice” is often used by lawyers allowing them to speak freely in settlement talks, but can these conversations ever be admissible? Corporate and Commercial Disputes Partner Melissa Worth discusses a recent case.

The Supreme Court recently ruled on a landmark case, clarifying the meaning of “deliberate concealment,” which may have a significant impact on the law on limitation. Corporate and Commercial Disputes Partner Melissa Worth discusses the case.

Environmental Partner Emma Tattersdill recently represented clients in an appeal against the Forestry Commission where the lack of awareness surrounding felling licences became apparent for both client and the Appeal Committee. This article seeks to clarify some of the areas that Emma encountered.

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