We are committed to acting responsibly across our business by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our business decisions and operational processes. We aim to operate transparently and with integrity in all that we do.

Our Environmental Impact

The professional services sector as an industry typically has a lower carbon footprint than some others. Whilst we have a physical office the majority of the Bexley Beaumont partners work from home. They frequently use video calling, electronic signatures, an integrated document and finance management system to enable them to work remotely and effectively with their clients and each other. Bexley Beaumont partners have the use of data rooms to share documents and electronic bundling systems for court files and papers. At Bexley Beaumont we operate a paperless office policy as far as possible. The Bexley Beaumont employees also have the ability to work remotely and are committed and have an awareness of their environmental responsibility when making day-to-day business decisions (they have also been involved in this policy and our CSR policy).

Our Social Impact

We are involved in local community activities and our contribution to our local community will grow as we grow as a business. This is more than simply our CSR policy. We nurture and inspire a team environment and a culture of supporting others. To be part of Bexley Beaumont there has to be a willingness and desire to want to help and support each other. Our charitable initiatives are mentioned on Our Good Intentions.

We build trusted relationships with the Bexley Beaumont partners based on transparency and openness to create a positive and collaborative impact for all. We provide support and we actively listen to the Bexley Beaumont partners to understand how best we can support them and their practice. We continually engage with our business partners and employees to ensure smooth communication built on mutual values of trust, transparency and professionalism. We share information in an open and transparent way with all. We are committed to creating sustainable value. We believe empowering our employees creates high performance. The Bexley Beaumont partners are empowered by the control given to them as a result of the Bexley Beaumont business model; they have control and freedom to build their practice in a way which best suits them and their clients.

Our Governance Impact

Bexley Beaumont operates within a regulatory framework and is dedicated to good corporate governance principles. We have an open, honest and professional dialogue with the Bexley Beaumont partners, our business partners and employees. We identify, monitor, manage and minimise potential risks which is an ongoing requirement within the business. We have systems and controls in place which are reviewed as we grow and scale as a business. We believe in having strong governance in place from the outset, we have had a non-executive director on the Board from day one. This helps manage our growth and ensures there is appropriate challenge on the Board. We will refuse any opportunity which challenges our integrity or is in conflict with our vision and values. We pride ourselves on our high standards of professionalism and ethics.