We are committed to acting responsibly across our business by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our business decisions and operational processes. We aim to operate transparently and with integrity in all that we do.

Our Environmental Impact

The professional services sector typically has a relatively low carbon footprint. Regardless, there are still efficiencies to be made, and Bexley Beaumont continues to make carbon savings wherever it can.

The Bexley Beaumont business model inherently facilitates decarbonisation. Whilst we have a physical office, the majority of Bexley Beaumont lawyers work from home using video calling, electronic signatures, a cloud-based integrated document and finance management system and other remote working tools. This all adds up to a firm with lower office emissions, lower commuter emissions and lower business emissions.

Bexley Beaumont has developed a Climate Action Plan that outlines key environmental standards and commitments upon which we are accountable. These include carbon reporting, where we try to account for all upstream and downstream emissions, as well as campaigns to raise internal awareness, supplier due diligence, supporting environmental causes and membership of the Legal Sustainability Alliance.

Our Social Impact

We are involved in local community activities and our contribution to our local community will grow as we grow as a business. This will particularly include establishing CSR initiatives, corporate volunteering, and charitable partnerships.

Our social impact extends to the impact our model has on our partners and practitioners within the wider industry. The business model allows Bexley Beaumont lawyers flexibility, autonomy and control over their careers, and a greater alignment between their work and remuneration. This flexibility also allows our lawyers to pursue their own aspirations such as roles in the judiciary, NED positions and charitable work.

The model also benefits Bexley Beaumont’s employees i.e. the central team that supports the lawyers. Each employee’s role is full of opportunities to take initiative and responsibility in contributing to Bexley Beaumont and they are mentored in their personal growth including personal development sessions.

Our Governance Impact

Bexley Beaumont is dedicated to good corporate governance principles. Our ESG policy follows the 10 Principles of the Quoted Companies Alliance Code 2018 on Corporate Governance (the QCA Code). We also consulted other codes of governance in addition to the World Economic Forum’s paper on measuring stakeholder capitalism in order to create the most cohesive and comprehensive policy possible (available here).

The board comprises a non-executive director, who has been in place from day one, and two executive directors, all of whom have extensive experience gained at much larger organisations. We have under taken external risk audits since year two. We will not act in a way that challenges our integrity or that conflicts with our codes, vision, and values. We pride ourselves on our high standards of professionalism and ethics.