What Our Partners Say

Helen Woodford
Pensions Partner
“Chatting to a professional contact just this morning I described joining Bexley Beaumont as being like a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days of rigid, often unsuitable targets being imposed. At Bexley Beaumont lawyers are greatly supported in setting targets if they wish but are encouraged to focus on targets which are a better fit for them and their clients. My targets now are not just financial but also include plans to enable me to spend time away from work doing the other things I love.”

“I am currently Bexley Beaumont’s most Northern based lawyer and I joined during a period of Covid pandemic lockdown. Despite opportunities to meet in person having been limited lately, I feel like I know and trust the Bexley Beaumont team. I have worked on client matters alongside other Partners and have even presented joint seminars to clients and contacts over zoom. The team culture is already tremendous but will develop even further as we become more able to meet up with each other. Bexley Beaumont is inclusive, collaborative and, perhaps most importantly, fun!”
David Higgins
Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Partner
“Right from the outset Bexley Beaumont is refreshingly supportive and collaborative. The model is empowering as the flexible approach works for my clients and for me!”
Marc Ferster
Real Estate Partner
Alex Brown
Real Estate Partner
“Working with Bexley Beaumont has given us a great platform to grow our client base. We aren’t tied down by the high and inflexible charge-out rates at large firms but still have the opportunity to be part of a collaborative culture where everyone is keen to cross-refer work.”
Jason Curtis
Commercial Partner
“I was one of the first partners to join Bexley Beaumont and have watched the firm grow, bringing on board many new, experienced members of the team. Whilst the team continues to grow, Bexley Beaumont continues to foster a really supportive, enjoyable environment and one that gives me real flexibility in the way that I engage with clients and the work that I do.”
Erin Cowley
Regulatory and Business Crime Partner
“I never imagined working somewhere so inclusive and co-operative as Bexley Beaumont. I was the second Partner to join in March of last year and I can say that the support I have received has been limitless. The culture of the firm is second to none and it's so refreshing to be in a forum where innovation and creativity is applauded. The flexibility I have is fantastic for both myself and my clients and I know they appreciate being able to speak to me, 1 on 1, when it suits them. I trust that both myself and our team will go from strength to strength.”
Phil Sheard
Finance Litigation Partner
“Bexley Beaumont takes away the pains most lawyers experience in a traditional law firm. Gone are the internal battles for recognition and reward that can often cause conflict and gone also are the needs to constantly justify your non-chargeable activities and satisfy others that you are spending your time in accordance with the goals and objectives set by management. Instead, you have the freedom to decide how, when and where you work and who you wish to work for. You become the author of your own professional destiny, with internal support tailored to you and your clients. You are rewarded according to your own efforts which is equally as refreshing as the freedoms which Bexley Beaumont offers.”
Pritpal Swarn
Planning and Environmental Partner
“No dramas, no office politics, no time recording and no targets...

What more could you ask for...


Autonomy, control, total flexibility, collegiate and friendly environment and a great culture.

Glad to be a part of Bexley Beaumont!!”
Nikki Cooper
Real Estate Partner
“Being part of the Bexley Beaumont team is an honour and a pleasure. It's not a traditional law firm, there's no hierachy, and everyone works together in an open and engaging atmosphere that encourages a collegiate approach. Spending time getting to know each other on a personal level (despite the challenges of lock-down in the firm's first year) has been just as important as the work, and Anna and Karen organise regular socials to facilitate this. We've enjoyed walks, quizzes (featuring Anna's singing), chocolate tasting and cheese and wine evenings, to name a few! All of the lawyers on the teams are highly respected experts in their fields, and the Bexley Beaumont model encourages and promotes referrals between partners and collaborative working, which I have always found rewarding.”
Sahida Ahmed
Family Law Partner
“Working with Bexley Beaumont encompasses autonomy, support, fairness, transparency, honesty, flexibility, great understanding and genuineness. It is such a breath of fresh air working with fabulous people!”
Louise Carr
Employment Partner
“At a point where I'm nearly ten months into my Bexley Beaumont journey I can say with confidence that the environment is one of the most inspiring and supportive that I have ever had the pleasure of working in. There is such a sense of connection and enthusiasm across the business and the services provided by the partner support are second to none. It's been a really positive move and provides me with the ability to take control and be flexible in the way I decide to approach my work; a very different and empowering experience after years of working in traditional legal practices.”