What Our Clients Say

At Bexley Beaumont all client work is only undertaken by senior experienced partners and at a comparatively lower cost due to our business model.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We spend time understanding your business and particular needs without a clock ticking or targets to meet. We work collaboratively as a team and with our clients. We understand the benefits of being a trusted advisor and the importance of tailoring our advice to your business, sector or individual matter. Our senior experienced lawyers provide clear strategic and commercial advice and we aspire to deliver the highest standards of service.

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Clients describe Rebecca Peck as having an “exceptional talent for summarising and translating complex details quickly” and comment that her “knowledge, relationship management and attention to detail” are “instrumental” in achieving results. “Rebecca has a real passion for understanding your business and the issues you face. She ensures a first-class service at all times and her advice, support and professionalism is exceptional.”

"Jason Curtis is able to simplify the complex by bringing all the parties together and getting straight to the right commercial and practical understanding. This has been crucial in arriving at key business decisions in a thorough and timely manner" also described as "an outstanding commercial lawyer" and "Jason understands what is required to represent businesses in contract negotiations whilst also being the go to person in a crisis".

Pritpal Swarn is recognised by Chambers UK as “very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and always responds to enquiries quickly” and Legal 500 as “exceptionally personable and very experienced”.

“the unflappable Graham Neyt has wide experience of heavy litigation… hardworking and flexible and noted for his practical advice and real litigation experience … thorough and practical ...an able negotiator …a very professional and excellent service ... attracts high praise from clients and is commercial... very able and astute ... a good reputation for dealing with complex disputes”

"Mark Emery brings passion to his work and a commitment to his clients”, who he makes “feel part of a winning team.” “Clients affirm their confidence in Mark Emery, who is praised for avoiding legalese and legal jargon”. “Interviewees note his prowess on contentious employment cases, praising him as a tenacious litigator – very clever and creative”.

Erin Cowley is described as “outstanding in her dealings with clients, going above and beyond the norm and in particular, in her ensuring their understanding of complex legal issues. Her ability to master often extensive and complicated facts is a testament to her organisation and work ethic. Her cases are immaculately prepared and her instructions to Counsel exemplary"

"Jason Curtis’s strengths are not only in the way that he advises on complex contracts and in the calm way in which he deals with legal issues but in the way that he engages with people across the business that he works with. He is not only passionate about the work that he does but passionate about helping others get deals done, taking a commercial approach to negotiations and taking time to understand the main issues and what is needed to get the agreement over the line"

"I can categorically say that Rebecca Maxwell is the hardest working, most professional property lawyer I have come across in my 17 years. She is extremely thorough, responds to deadlines, and her quality of work is excellent. The main thing for me is that she comes back with answers and solutions and not more questions to issues."

"Sahida Ahmed recognised the stress and worry that I was experiencing during my difficult time and was committed throughout to guiding me in achieving an excellent result. I always think highly of Sahida’s service and professionalism" ... "Sahida was very professional, capable and strong"

"Louise Carr is accessible and down to earth" giving "clear and concise advice. She knows her area of law and is very commercial. All this is done in an exceptionally personable way"

“Helen Woodford has provided excellent guidance, accurately and reliably predicting the arguments used by the pension provider….Helen gets 5 stars for care, service, reliability, knowledge, and trustworthiness”. “Helen always responds quickly when I make contact and establishes a clear and timely framework for dealing with my issues”. “Helen has transformed my legal dispute into a pleasurable voyage of discovery!”.

“Melissa Worth has successfully represented me over the last three years. Throughout Melissa has maintained the highest standards of professionalism and care for my best interests. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melissa as a highly trustworthy, well contacted and professional solicitor”.

Clients describe Adrian Wallbank as being “fantastic to deal with” and “good at trying to cut through the client’s internal politics to get stuff done, so that we can get to those commercial points and get things finalised through to exchange”. They comment that “he's been excellent ... a calming influence and very, very commercial, which was appreciated as well because that isn't always the case with lawyers”. Adrian is also recognised as being “very commercial and proactive” in the legal directories.

Alex Clements “provides succinct, direct advice which you can take back into the work place and feel assured you are being both fair to the business and the member of staff" and "She is highly responsive and available; she's willing to discuss matters in depth, listens to my perspective and gives sound legal advice”.

Richard Bull received the following client testimonial in Chambers UK “He brings a good level of political understanding to matters. Clients appreciate his skill set and knowledge”.

Phil Sheard is referred to in Legal 500 for Banking Litigation by his clients as “very responsive” “knowledgeable” and is cited as giving “comprehensive advice”.

Nikki Ferguson is described as “friendly, approachable, and very experienced”. Clients comment “Nikki went above and beyond what we expected which led to a swift transaction.”

David Higgins is described as "having a depth of knowledge on insolvency law that you would expect from a leader in his field, but he marries that keen eye for detail, with proper commercial nous”. Clients say “My team like working with him because he gives clear advice, and is always happy to give them his thoughts on a matter even if the query doesn’t lead to a formal instruction. A good guy to have in your corner."

Hugh Goulbourne is described as having “a passion for understanding businesses” and as “very responsive, knowledgeable and extremely pragmatic”. Clients say, “Hugh has a reputation for dealing with complex issues”.