Our Journey and Vision

Bexley Beaumont was formed in 2020 with a vision to create a boutique law firm with a focus on exceptional quality and talent where lawyers’ and clients’ interests are aligned.

Winner of Law Firm of the Year at the 2024 Modern Law Awards and Winner of Boutique Law Firm of the Year at the 2023 Legal 500 Awards.

At Bexley Beaumont we attract the very best talent; we have an uncompromising approach to quality. We are ambitious and committed to growing however we remain a boutique firm focussed on quality, support, collaboration and delivering excellent client service.

With offices in London and Manchester, Bexley Beaumont provides an alternative offering to both clients and experienced lawyers. The firm was formed to not only challenge some of the ways of working at the traditional law firms but also the other fee-share firms. Described as a “hybrid” and “the best of both” Bexley Beaumont has scaled with intent whilst remaining committed to and not diluting its vision and values.

Karen Bexley and Anna Beaumont are the co-founders of Bexley Beaumont. They both have backgrounds in and a shared passion for the consultancy model. Anna was previously CEO of the second largest UK’s fee-share firm and Karen spent over a decade acting for high profile corporate retail and hospitality clients on a fee-share basis having moved from an international traditional law firm. One of their biggest motivations for establishing Bexley Beaumont was to provide a new choice for both lawyers and clients by further innovating the fee-share model.

For Clients

Bexley Beaumont provides clients with senior dedicated support and certainty over pricing as the majority of the lawyers work on fixed fees. Clients also benefit from our “progressive team culture” and “innovative model” as commented upon by Legal 500 and our efficient ways of working, the commercial acumen and strategic and pragmatic approach of the Bexley Beaumont lawyers. Many of whom have commercial experience gained from executive or non-executive roles.

The senior experience of the lawyers and the flexible nature in which they work means they are able to offer flexible pricing solutions. Lawyers' and clients' interests are aligned and lawyers can spend as much time as they wish understanding their client’s business without the restraints of a clock ticking, time sheets to complete or targets set by management to fulfil. The lawyers become trusted advisors rather than purely an outsourced function. They have the control, autonomy and freedom at Bexley Beaumont to work in a way which best suits their clients.

For Lawyers

Our focus is on talent, support, team culture and collaboration.

Bexley Beaumont gives lawyers control, autonomy, and freedom (including financial freedom). Lawyers choose where and when they work, and they choose which clients they act for within a culture of teamwork, support and collaboration. Our uncompromising approach to quality and team culture means lawyers work with like-minded professionals and they have the infrastructure to help further build their teams and practice. Lawyers set their own objectives and goals and they are supported to help them achieve them.

Our background and experience of leading other fee-share firms and working as a successful fee-share consultant means we understand the benefits and also the challenges of working in this way. This is why at Bexley Beaumont our unique model means we combine the best elements of traditional law firms and the best elements of fee-share firms.

At Bexley Beaumont we work as one team, we celebrate success together and we nurture an inclusive and collaborative team culture.

For further details about how this may work for you and why we are different please see join us.