Our Journey and Vision

Bexley Beaumont was formed in 2020 with a vision to create a boutique law firm of exceptional quality and talent.

Our two co-founders Karen Bexley and Anna Beaumont are experienced lawyers with significant expertise of managing law firms. In 2020 they set up Bexley Beaumont to challenge not only the traditional law firm model but also the current fee share models which have evolved over the last few years. We only work with the very best talent to ensure consistent quality. We are ambitious and committed to growing but we will always remain a boutique law firm where quality, excellence and client service is of paramount importance. We work as one team to grow Bexley Beaumont with transparency and honesty.

We have complete openness with the partners. We share our plans and objectives to promote collegiate working. We demonstrate our commitment to our team culture by sharing our profits with our partners. We genuinely care about our lawyers’ and our clients’ views, opinions and feedback as we know success is achieved by true collaboration.

For Clients

Bexley Beaumont gives clients certainty over pricing (majority of the lawyers work on fixed fees) and senior experienced support at a materially lower cost because of our model. The model ensures the partners' and the clients' interests are aligned and the partner can spend as much time as they wish understanding their client’s business without the restraints of a clock ticking, time sheets to complete or targets set by management to fulfil. The partners become trusted advisors rather than purely an outsourced function. They have the freedom and flexibility to work in a way which best suits their clients.

For Partners

Bexley Beaumont enables partners the freedom and flexibility to work in a way which best suits them and their clients. The partners set their own corporate objectives and targets each year and we work closely with them to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. Bexley Beaumont was created out of a desire to enable partners to be able to share in the profits and have a voice in the management of the law firm.

Our aim is to inspire future generations so partners understand there are different ways to practice law. We are known at management level as being trustworthy, honest and transparent.

For further details about how this may work for you and why we are different please see join us.