Our Intentions

Bexley Beaumont was built with innovation, growth and empowerment at the heart of its values, we believe that as we expand our client offering, we have a responsibility not only to the community but to the planet. As environmental issues have been at the forefront of global concern, we have seen world leaders collaborate to instigate change and we want to be a part of that change. The aim of our policy is to create a trajectory that reflects our commitment to the reduction of carbon, our passion for the protection of the environment and our drive to support efficient and sustainable processes.

Bexley Beaumont became a member of The Legal Sustainability Alliance in 2022 to support Bexley Beaumont to manage and reduce our carbon emissions, to embed good practice on environmental sustainability and to help Bexley Beaumont make the transition to Net Zero.

Our Actions


We strive to promote awareness through information and training opportunities. As we develop our understanding and insight we will look to participate in external events and initiatives related to environmental causes as well as consult with experts to ensure we are always up to speed on current practices and standards.


We will seek to source sustainable materials, products, and services from the businesses we choose to work with. We will work with suppliers who share an allegiance to the protection of the environment. Responsible Waste Management: Where possible we will always reuse or recycle materials, our primary focus will be on innovative and efficient processes to reduce waste production.

Supporting Good Causes:

We understand that reaching the Carbon Neutral goal is a synergic effort and we want to acknowledge and assist organisations who have already done so much to compel change. Bexley Beaumont will take on opportunities to support environmental charities including donating to the protection of the Amazon Rainforest.

External Accountability:

We are looking to work with the Legal Sustainability Alliance to measure our Carbon Footprint and make use of external resources and advice to ensure we are always able to measure our progress objectively. We will be transparent about the journey we have been on and where we are heading.

This policy has been drafted in accordance with our values and mission statement and will apply to Bexley Beaumont as a whole. It will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects the growth of our firm.