Bexley Beaumont's Retained Counsel Service

The working practices and prospects for businesses in almost every industry sector continue to evolve fast.

Trying to balance legislative or regulatory changes with external commercial threats and internal challenges can be an immensely difficult task for companies of any size. When you add in the extra pressure involved in meeting peak workflows, coping with special projects or staff shortages, the stress can be considerable.

That is precisely why a growing number of clients are relying on the Retained Counsel service offered by Bexley Beaumont.

Who we are

Bexley Beaumont is an award-winning boutique law firm known for its ability to provide flexible, innovative and commercial solutions directly to business owners and/or their in-house teams.

The Retained Counsel service is delivered by an extremely capable group of lawyers.

In addition to many years working for some of the country's leading corporate law firms, they have amassed decades of experience in-house with leading national and multi-national brands in the manufacturing, retail, food and drink production, leisure and hospitality, logistics and energy sectors.

The team works across the breadth of business output, supporting Operations, Marketing and HR departments, reporting to board level directors and liaising with senior staff across different sites and countries.

What we do

The Retained Counsel service has been designed to give clients an appropriate level and type of support for the individual needs of the business. At the heart of the Bexley Beaumont Retained Counsel service is high quality, clear, pragmatic and strategic advice to businesses.

As the name suggests, it is a contracted arrangement , under which one of Bexley Beaumont’s legal experts operates as lead counsel to advise across a range of commercial matters of importance to your organisation.

In addition to relying on the Bexley Beaumont Retained Counsel team for proactive advice on day-to-day corporate and legal needs, clients also use the service for compliance and legal reviews in order to keep their businesses on-track.

Bexley Beaumont has a proud reputation for quickly immersing itself in the detail of how individual companies operate.

Aware of the need to work to corporate priorities and budgets, it is also flexible on fees - offering day rates and retainer options to suit the requirements of individual clients.

However, one thing which Bexley Beaumont absolutely doesn't compromise on is service quality.

Although clients each have a dedicated lead partner, they know that the support of the rest of the Retained Counsel team is always on hand.

Clients can also call on the valuable knowledge of the other Bexley Beaumont specialist partners.