Our Good Intentions

We are committed and passionate about creating a philanthropic culture at Bexley Beaumont. This will start with small steps and we will work collaboratively together with our clients and partners as part of our corporate and social responsibility. We aim to create a culture of constant innovation and improvement and Our Good Intentions will be integral to everything we do and core to our business. Our contribution to our community will grow as we grow.

Small Steps, the beginning...

Prior to Bexley Beaumont launching in 2020 Karen Bexley and Anna Beaumont raised money for the Manchester #CEOSleepOut raising money to help several local charities providing support to the homeless. It was a thought-provoking and informative night hearing about the amazing work carried out by these charities and gaining first-hand knowledge by listening and speaking to those that are homeless and others who have found shelter and support from these charities. The Manchester #CEOSleepOut raised in excess of £46,000; between Karen and Anna they raised over £2,500. Homeless is particularly close to Anna’s heart as it is their family charity of choice and each year Anna’s children write personal cards, make food parcels and deliver them to the homeless in Manchester on Boxing Day. The children now see this as part of their Christmas tradition and even at a young age love to talk and make conversation with the homeless. Hopefully this tradition will remain for many years.

We also support Chance for Childhood, an award-winning charity working in Africa to support the most vulnerable children, such as street children, disabled children, children affected by conflict and kids behind bars. Their vision is a world where no child is forgotten. For every recruitment consultant who places a partner at Bexley Beaumont we purchase a five day entrepreneurial training course from Chance for Childhood covering business plans, budgeting, customer care and more. This gives a young person the chance to enter the job market or set up their own business. Chance for Childhood also provides ongoing support and training which ensures they can earn a sustainable income and break free from the cycle of poverty.

In June 2020, a Bexley Beaumont team and their children will be supporting the #StayAtHomeSleepOut, an initiative from the #CEOSleepOut charity set up to fight poverty and homelessness – photos and more details to follow!

The next stage...

The next stage of Our Good Intentions will be to collaborate with our clients and partners to embrace a culture of philanthropy. The benefits can be far reaching when philanthropy is nurtured and integral to Bexley Beaumont which is our long term desire.