Our Good Intentions

We are committed and passionate about creating a philanthropic culture at Bexley Beaumont. This starts with small steps; we work collaboratively as a team and with our clients as part of our corporate and social responsibility. We create a culture of constant innovation and improvement, and Our Good Intentions is integral to everything we do and core to our business. Our contribution to our community will grow as we grow.

Small Steps, the beginning...

We are committed to acting responsibly across our business by integrating our ESG, our CSR and our Climate Action policies into our culture, our business decisions, and our operational processes. The Bexley Beaumont ESG Ambassador, CSR Ambassador and Climate Action Ambassador meets with the Bexley Beaumont management team once a quarter to help ensure we fulfil our responsibilities and embed our policies into the way we work.

Our team culture puts our CSR programme at the forefront of our efforts and in 2022 alone we:

  • • collectively walked, cycled or rode a total of 1000km and donated in support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal;
  • • volunteered as a team at the Sow the City Project and the Together Trust;
  • • donated to the NorthCare Charity as chosen by the winner of our “Summer Bake Off”;
  • • took part in the Christmas Jumper Day and donated in support of the Trussell Trust; and
  • • finished the year by taking part in and fundraising for the NSPCC Walk for Children Event.

2022 also saw the launch of our “Econet”, our internal online resource to assist our team live and work in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Every month it is updated with a new area of focus, such as Saving Energy, Conscious Consumerism, Plastic Free living and more, by promoting relevant news, books, videos, podcasts and articles and encouraging our team to take part in initiatives throughout the year, such as taking part in Grean Jumper Day to raise awareness of Climate Change.

Bexley Beaumont supports the “World Land Trust” charity by making a donation to save 600 square metres of threatened habitat through their "Buy an Acre" programme every time a recruitment consultant places a partner at Bexley Beaumont. We have also supported "Chance for Childhood", an award-winning charity working in Africa to support the most vulnerable children, such as street children, disabled children, children affected by conflict and kids behind bars, by purchasing five-day entrepreneurial training courses from Chance for Childhood covering business plans, budgeting, customer care and more.

We have also supported the Wood Street Mission by volunteering as a team every December and supported our local foodbanks at Easter by donating food. The Wood Street Mission helps support families with practical help and services. It is a privilege every year to volunteer, meet the families and play a small part in helping them find the perfect presents for their children.

The next stage...

The next stage of Our Good Intentions will be to collaborate with our clients and partners to embrace a culture of philanthropy. The benefits can be far reaching when philanthropy is nurtured and integral to Bexley Beaumont which is our long term desire.