Works Well Together: Support and Realising Legal Potential

Head of Finance Sharaz Hussain joined Bexley Beaumont in March and has already identified the strength of support and how BBSupport helps lawyers reach their full potential at Bexley Beaumont. He has very kindly written this article to detail his thoughts since joining.

It's always nice to be appreciated.

Recognition, of course, comes in different forms and at different times throughout the course of any given year or career.

In the legal industry, as many others, the calendar is studded by awards events, honouring individuals and organisations for their endeavours.

I have the pleasure of working for a firm which has won its share of prizes in the relatively short space of time since it opened its doors.

Only in March, Bexley Beaumont was named Law Firm of the Year at the Modern Law Awards, outpointing far larger and longer established practices in the process (

In fact, since launching in 2020, we have collected at least one notable regional or national award each year.

Judges have identified how Bexley Beaumont has made its own contribution to transforming the legal profession, acting as something of a hybrid by embodying the best of both traditional and more modern, fee share firms.

It is a reason why, despite still being in only our fifth year, we are thrilled to say we have a team of 61 partners nationwide and last year topped an independent ranking in terms of compound annual growth rate (

The lawyers within Bexley Beaumont are genuine experts in their field and many have leading reputations stretching back over decades, including many years spent with some of the UK's biggest legal brands.

There is no doubt that this firm's fast-developing profile and corporate brand is one factor in their decision to switch.

Equally, the ability to assume greater control over what work they do and how they do it is important. It is, after all, a key part of what Bexley Beaumont promises.

Yet there is one element of that overall approach which they acknowledge as integral to their ability to help clients as well as they do; namely, the support team which acts as this firm's spine.

BBSupport, as it's known, is one distinction with many of Bexley Beaumont's industry peers.

We take care of a variety of aspects of our lawyers' daily business, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best.

Whether it is helping them fulfil their compliance and finance obligations, assisting with research or the kind of marketing nous to grow their personal brands, BBSupport is there as a pro-active function.

That breadth of effort is perhaps most evident during the on-boarding process, when a lawyer first joins, yet BBSupport continues to play its part thereafter.

Just as with partners specialising in different disciplines, the individuals within BBSupport have their own primary roles.

Even so, there is an emphasis on working together as a team and together with the firm's lawyers which mirrors how those lawyers also collaborate.

We also play a part in facilitating the internal referral process to maximise our partners' understanding of their respective skills and what they can do to improve the service provided to clients.

It is something reinforced by dozens of seminars and social events each year to enhance the team culture which is part of Bexley Beaumont's personality.

Whilst the work of support teams does not always attract attention or garner awards, it is of no little significance when it comes to the productivity of those who do.

Myself and my colleagues in BBSupport are always gratified to know how highly partners rate the service and why lawyers interested in joining us say that it influences their thinking about whether to come aboard.

As experience has taught us, working well together is more than merely about having a good rapport with colleagues.

It can be the difference between building a thriving firm with great prospects that someone can be proud of or not.

To discuss any of the above further, please contact Sharaz:  |  07498 418575