What's In A Name?

What’s in a name? Commercial Partner Gavin Nathanson explains the pitfalls new businesses can face when naming their company, and how to overcome them.

Let’s start with the most basic question; how do I choose a name?

This seemingly simple question has led to countless issues, from intellectual property disputes, reputational risk, to my own daughter questioning why her name is spelt in such a bizarre way; go figure.

So here we go: you have an idea, it’s a great one so you want a name that describes what you do, but descriptive names don’t sit well with the intellectual property office if you want it trademarked (which you do), so you change it a bit to make it quirky, but is that then a name that works with a brand? Better shorten it; ah but then you notice that every variation of the shortened name already has a registered domain name, yikes!

Better add a few letters to make it look different but sound the same; back to the trademark issue, as similar sounding names can still present an issue in relation to someone else’s trademark, even if spelt differently.

Ok so something novel looking and sounding, that is related to the business but isn’t descriptive with an available domain, doesn’t offend anyone, suits your business and my daughter “gets” the spelling - simples!

Better check if the spelling and sound mean anything offensive in other languages...

Now just the easy task of doing everything else.

Let us help you with everything you need, from the very beginning to a successful end.

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