No to Competition, Yes to Collaboration

In her latest article CEO Karen Bexley discusses collaboration over competition and how fostering a culture of collaboration can lead to greater success for all.

In a world where there is pressure to succeed, to be the best and be number one it can create a competitive environment. An environment of internal politics, silo mentality and a desire to outdo others by seeing them as competition. However, there is a growing realisation that fostering a culture of collaboration can lead to greater success. As Henry Ford was quoted as saying “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

By moving from an attitude of competition to collaboration, everyone can achieve far greater success than the sum of the successes of each individual.

Collaboration is about working together towards a common goal. By choosing collaboration over competition, we create an environment that nurtures creativity, inclusivity, and growth. We can capitalise on each other’s strengths, experiences and diversity of thought to achieve the goal and beyond.

Competition can result in an individual working alone with limited scope of ideas. Conversely, collaboration encourages the exchange of diverse viewpoints and creative ideas. When individuals with different backgrounds and expertise collaborate, they bring a variety of perspectives to the table. This sharing of ideas can lead to fresh approaches to challenge and ultimately increased innovation.

Competition tends to create barriers and divisions between people. A negative culture. It can strain relationships and create a hostile environment where trust and co-operation are compromised. On the other hand, collaboration promotes trust, support and respect. It leads to a higher level of performance. As set out in my previous article, by working together towards shared objectives, individuals and organisations develop stronger bonds and build mutually beneficial relationships. Collaboration allows for the sharing of knowledge, and learning from one another's experiences. A strengthening of relationships which allows everyone to succeed together.

While competition often focuses on individual achievements, collaboration has the power to create a positive impact on a broader scale. Collaboration promotes the idea that success is not measured solely by personal gain but by working as a team.

Competition has its place in certain contexts, but embracing collaboration first can lead to great outcomes. At Bexley Beaumont we aim to create a culture that inspires teamwork by saying no to competition and yes to collaboration, there is then the potential for a higher level of success within a positive environment where everyone moves forward together, succeeds together and celebrates together.

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