Why the Support of a Team Matters

In her latest article CEO Karen Bexley discusses her thoughts on the benefits of a Team Culture and the link between collaboration, team culture and personal growth.

I recently wrote about “Trust and Team Culture” with a focus on a team being more than a group of people that work together, but one that trusts and supports each other.

I heard Steven Bartlett speak recently where he noted that a definition of the word company” is a “group of people gathered together”. By building and developing Bexley Beaumont we are assembling a group of people to work together and creating a culture around them to allow them to thrive and achieve their true potential.

Research has shown that working in a team encourages personal growth, increases work satisfaction, and reduces stress. Team culture refers to the shared practices, values and behaviours that are demonstrated in the way the team interact together and work towards a common goal with an overall sense of identity and purpose.

A strong team culture can be demonstrated by a sense of mutual respect, trust, and accountability among team members. It creates a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued, and team members are encouraged to contribute their perspectives. Whereas as a negative team culture would manifest in conflict, lack of trust, and a focus on individual goals rather than team goals.

At Bexley Beaumont we talk about growing the team and keeping the culture. There are many reasons that individuals benefit from being part of a team both on a personal and professional level.


We often can achieve more together. Being part of a supportive team encourages collaboration, the sharing of ideas and also maximising each other’s strengths. Synergy is created by bringing together the team to achieve greater outcomes for each member.

Collaboration can lead to achieving successful outcomes with diversity of thought and working together to reach solutions by sharing ideas whilst benefitting from each other’s knowledge, strengths and experiences.

Collaboration thrives in a supportive, trusting environment where someone feels safe to be open and communicate their individual strengths and weaknesses which then encourages others to do the same.

Sense of Unity

People feel a sense of unity by being part of a team.

Their individual accomplishments are part of a wider collective achievement. Being part of team allows them to share in each other’s successes and to work together to help each other achieve those successes.

Within a unified team environment, individuals are also supported through any challenging times.

Personal Growth

Being part of a team where everyone feels valued can support each person’s personal growth and development. A positive culture can be very motivating and inspiring.

At Bexley Beaumont the hierarchical free structure helps nurture the collaborative and inclusive environment. The team culture allows the collective of individuals to thrive and support each other in their ambitions. By working together, the team can achieve goals that may be harder to achieve individually. Our aim is to create a positive, supportive environment where people embrace collaboration and take control of their career.

To discuss any of the above further, please feel free to contact Karen Bexley: karenbexley@bexleybeaumont.com  |  07971 859332