The Power of Positive Culture

In her latest CEO Update, Karen Bexley shares her insights into the power of a positive culture and how fostering a place of work where people feel empowered to be the best version of themselves, is crucial to a thriving business.

The greatest asset of every business is the people. The breadth of legal expertise at Bexley Beaumont is impressive, however the people who bring that expertise to life is the true power behind the business. The power of a positive work culture cannot be overstated. I have been inspired by the success stories of forward-thinking companies throughout the years which have demonstrated the transformative impact of positive workplace cultures on thriving business performance.

Empowering The Team

Bexley Beaumont hires on cultural fit and talent. The team trust the abilities of each other to perform and contribute. When you include the firm’s fee-share element, every lawyer at the firm is empowered. Ensuring we have an environment where everyone feels valued and invested in our mission is also critical to the success of the firm.

John Lewis exemplifies this approach. Their employee-owned model ensures that staff members are not just their employees. Like Bexley Beaumont, team members at the company also have the title of “partner”. Despite the pandemic, in 2021 John Lewis distributed a bonus equivalent to 2% of employees' salaries, developing a sense of ownership and collective commitment. The same commitment we aim to develop towards our mission.

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are essential components towards building a positive workplace culture and lead to a more creative and innovative workforce. Different perspectives bring new ideas, which are crucial in a fast-paced business. Our inclusive culture has helped attract top talent; people want to work in an environment where they can be their authentic selves.

Virgin Atlantic's recent uniform policy rebrand is a powerful example of inclusivity. By allowing cabin crew to choose uniforms that best express their identity, Virgin Atlantic has significantly increased employee morale and satisfaction. This inclusive policy has enhanced their brand image, improved customer service, and contributed to increased passenger numbers and revenue growth. The decrease in employee turnover also provides for reduced operating costs. Market research studies suggest that companies with strong diversity and inclusion experience a 19% increase in revenues, so promoting an inclusive workplace culture is also crucial in promoting the Bexley Beaumont brand.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Maintaining mental health in the legal industry is always a topic of discussion. In a fast-paced environment it is easy to fall into the trap of overworking. Bexley Beaumont’s model ensures that lawyers can take proactive steps in promoting work-life balance. Allowing lawyers the autonomy to choose when they work, where they work and who they work with allows them to take control of their practice and supports the building of stronger client relationships. The Bexley Beaumont team also benefit from a well-being representative/ambassador.

Encouraging Continuous Learning and Development

The benefit of having a team of talented, ambitious, and entrepreneurial lawyers is that each member is dedicated to being the best version of themselves. Bexley Beaumont has recently introduced BBElevate and BBCollaborate, to facilitate the desire from the team to enhance and develop their skills. This commitment to growth not only enhances the capabilities of individuals, but also strengthens our overall service quality.

Celebrating Successes and Acknowledging Contributions

Recognition and celebration are integral to Bexley Beaumont’s positive work culture. We celebrate our successes together, both big and small. Regularly acknowledging the hard work and contributions develops a sense of accomplishment and motivates everyone to strive for excellence. We were delighted to win Law Firm of the Year at The Modern Law Awards 2024; we are excited to attend the Lawyer Awards in a couple of weeks where Bexley Beaumont has been named as a finalist for Alternative Legal Service Provider of the Year. We also have an internal kudos system to thank each other and recognise the role we all play – supporting our collaborative team culture.

The Tangible Benefits: Business Performance

The results of cultivating a positive work culture are profound. Retention rates are high which reduces the costs and disruptions associated with burnout and high turnover. Happy and engaged employees are also more productive, leading to higher quality work and increased client satisfaction. This, in turn, has enhanced the firm's growth, with a noticeable stream of referrals and repeat business.

This is directly attributable to the brilliant service provided by the motivated and engaged Bexley Beaumont team. Building a positive team culture is worth the time, effort and investment objectively as well as subjectively.

A Culture of Success

The power of a positive work culture is undeniable. Fostering an environment of trust, inclusivity, balance, continuous learning, and celebration enhances the well-being of the team and significantly improves business performance. Maintaining and nurturing this culture is an important part of my role supporting sustained success and growth. A positive workplace culture is not just beneficial but essential for thriving in today’s business landscape.

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