Private Client

Bexley Beaumont: An award-winning boutique law firm with an inclusive and collaborative team culture and an uncompromising approach to quality aligning the interests of both clients and lawyers. Senior experienced lawyers with a wealth of commercial acumen acting as trusted advisors providing legal solutions across all commercial disciplines.


Bexley Beaumont’s expertise in private client law and estate planning allows us to accommodate clients’ wishes and target outcomes for the protection and succession of their wealth whether in life or on death (or by a mixture of the two) regardless of complexity or value.

Our clients include single individuals, those married or in civil partnerships, unmarried couples, those on a surrogacy journey, blended families, business owners of all types, entrepreneurs, sports people and family offices. Our clients include the high net worth and ultra-high net worth with assets covering numerous jurisdictions to those with more modest estates comprising mainly a property.

As we assist our clients with their planning, we ensure as standard that we:

We make no apology for the forensic approach we take when receiving your instructions. Whilst primarily we listen and are driven to protect and enshrine your wishes as presented, we will navigate our instructions holistically. We will bring to your attention extraneous matters which bear upon securing your intended outcomes such as the estate planning of the senior generation to a family; the planning of a partner in business; the merit of pre-nuptial agreements for the junior generation; options for post-death variations to restructure inheritances already received (to incorporate asset protection and inheritance tax efficiency) and we will look into the beneficial ownership of your assets to ensure the holdings are structured efficiently for tax and to align with your planning devices.

Every piece of estate planning we execute is unique, bespoke and specifically tailored to your individual circumstances, family background, asset base and business plans and we welcome a joined-up approach alongside your trusted advisers (IFAs and accountants) for a seamless multi-disciplinary approach.

We thrive in securing our clients’ wishes for the preservation and devolution of their wealth via a suite of complimentary deeds and documents (wills, lasting powers of attorney, trusts etc…) which provide integrity and a robust security for their intended outcomes. This does not stop on death. We navigate our clients through the formalities of post death administration to include the inheritance tax return, maximising all claims for tax reliefs and exemptions from inheritance tax (including administering will trusts to release access to additional Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB) where necessary) and ultimately the Grant of Probate after which, if not already commenced, the cycle starts all over again with the next generation.

Clients we assist are:

  • Private individuals
  • Business owners
  • Farmers and landowners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sports people
  • Family offices
  • Trustees
  • Attorneys
  • Court appointed Deputies
  • Executors of wills
  • Beneficiaries of estates
  • Other lawyers, IFAs and accountants