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The infrastructure sector is experiencing unprecedented pressure. Demand is high and budgets are being squeezed. The supply chain is struggling with both inflation and supply. Lenders are tightening controls and directors are keenly aware that the consequences of poor decision making can be catastrophic.

This storm can be weathered by demonstrable compliance. The private sector must perform its obligations and must be able to show that it has done so. This in turn allows the public sector to justify the continued involvement of the private sector. Meanwhile, there are opportunities in this pressured environment for the private sector, as the public sector's partner, to show its ability to innovate and to draw solutions from other projects and other sectors.

This applies to all bilateral infrastructure contracts with public authorities – including the Highways Agency, Network Rail, the MoD and local authorities. Nowhere does it come into sharper focus than in relation to PFI. Once the key to unlocking private funding, now no longer in vogue, on the public side PFI looks expensive and inflexible. On the private side, PFI projects are complex, heavy on resourcing and carry a more onerous risk profile than other procurements. Many of these projects are approaching expiry and the challenges of handback will further exacerbate these pressures.

Bexley Beaumont's partners have extensive first-class experience in this sector, reaching back over 20 years and covering sectors as diverse as street lighting, health, education, roads, waste and defence. They are versed in the interests and challenges of lenders, subcontractors, main contractors (or SPVs) and authorities. Such holistic experience is rare and is precisely what projects currently need.

Our flexible structure allows for deployment to suit your needs: whether on a one-off contract interpretation; to support your team through the complexity of a termination or dispute mechanism; or to offer strategic input on a retainer basis to support optimal handback.

Our areas of expertise include: