Matthew Wayman
Real Estate Disputes Partner

Matthew is an experienced and skilled litigator with experience of working on a wide range of commercial and residential property matters.

They include the full spectrum of Landlord and Tenant disputes, including breaches of lease, recoveries (rent, service charges, ground rent, estate charges), forfeiture, renewals and dilapidations.

Matthew advises on broader Property Management issues too, relating to the Right of First Refusal, Enfranchisement and the Right to Management.

Matthew also advises on disputes relating to restrictive covenants, misrepresentation, the right to light, the establishment and interference of easements, boundaries, adverse possession, party walls, access to neighbouring land, and a variety of nuisance claims.

Matthew represents clients in the County Courts (all tracks), the First-tier Property Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal, during Arbitration proceedings, at Mediation, at Public Inquiry and the Administrative Courts at the High Court.

Matthew Advises:

  • Limited companies
  • Individuals
  • Investments companies
  • Freeholders/Professional Landlords
  • Residential Management Companies
  • Right to Manage Companies
  • Right to Enfranchise Companies
  • Tenants

What Matthew’s clients say about him:

“The quality of his expertise and advice has been outstanding. He is able to grasp the issues quickly and his knowledge of the law at his fingertips is impressive. His approach to dealing with contentious issues is very calming and in a well thought out strategy.”

“Matthew gave his advice and opinion clearly and in language that I could understand … he understood the effect of the dispute and was able to alleviate much of the stress.”

“Matthew managed my expectations very well; he answered emails, phone calls in a timely manner. He delivered when he said he would.”

“Matthew stays with us throughout the rollercoaster ride of dealing with other parties, reassuring us when necessary, pushing for our rights or steeling us to defend ours, holding everyone/everything to a very high standard and celebrating good outcomes!”

“'Promptness' is a trademark for Matthew; it is so important as a client to hear back quickly, and his obvious interest in 'being there for you' means that his almost spontaneous responses provide clarity, and this very quickly creates a trust, a respect and a bond. This is so powerful when one feels in a delicate or vulnerable situation; and the effect of such instant support means you can respond quickly and assertively, and this has a cumulative result, where one’s confidence is built up, so that dealing with future daunting situations becomes easier, and others start to look to you to have input to reach solutions - or at least to know where to go to find that input! I am far more accomplished in my role as a Director thanks to Matthew.”

Tel: 07779 593411